Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Achievements!!

On thursday afternoon, after the horrible allergist visit - my mom came to take Jackson for the whole weekend. I was confident by then that he was not reacting to the vaccine. It was a sad goodbye for me because I didn't have time to prepare myself that morning... my son will be gone for 3 days!

I had a whole list of spring cleaning/projects that I wanted to get done. Working on tedious projects around the house is just so much more practical without Jackson being counterproductive to my mission. Here was my list:

Clean / dust the whole house from top to bottom
Clean out / organize my craft closet
Clean out / organize the front hall coat and shoe closet
Run numberous errands

Finish Jax's wall painting

Make my friend's little girl her easter gift

(still need to iron it)

Figure out some decor for the top of our cabinets in the kitchen

Everything on top of these cabinets I found around my house. It helped to declutter other areas and bring height to my vaulted ceilings. The lanterns were still packed away in the basement from our wedding. They were part of our table centerpieces. The only thing I purchased was the stockings in the large vase,
Hobby Lobby.

And in case you were curious...

I totally POPPED this week!
Can you believe that is a 15 week belly??

ps. ignore the vacuum cleaner :) it (instead of Jackson) has followed me around for the last 3 days



Amber said...

I love the painting and the dress is adorable!

AFD said...

You are TOO CUTE!!! And I am totally envious of your cleaning. I have a few hours tomorrow morning before Joe and the kids return, so I plan on getting some stuff done...if I don't sleep too late! :)

Stephanie said...

aw! cute baby belly! isn't it crazy how quickly you show with baby #2? and i LOVE the painting! i didn't know you sew - what pattern did you use for the dress. it's ADORABLE!

Kelly said...

April, you look beautiful! I love the dress! What pattern did you use for it?

Jamie said...

First I am so jealous of 3 days of cleaning! My house really needs it. I did get a nice weekend away last weekend but only to come home to a messy house. hehe

You look soooo cute, what a tiny little bump you have.

Leslee said...

Well look at you little Miss!! Such a gorgeous young woman and you carry your belly well! HA!!! You are simply adorable ~

What a talent you have with painting, sewing and decorating!!

croleyc69 said...

You look great and I love the painting. The dress is cute too. You sure got a lot done.

Holly said...

I think this summer I may be ready to finally let Kyndra stay overnight with Grandma. I did a good cleaning of the house on Friday. Anthony helped me some when he got home from work. It doesn't get done as often as it should!! It's def easier to get it done when little hands aren't in the way!

I love Jackson's painting! That is really neat!! And you made a cute dress. :)

I so want to declutter our house. That's my goal b/f this baby comes. So far I've gotten Kyndra's bedroom done. Mostly. I still have one shelf to do in the closet that has Anthony's old school books. When I was cleaning out the closet I totally missed that shelf.

And whoa girl! You totally did pop!

Jenilee said...

you look adorable! and great job getting things done! :) the painting and dress are too cute!

Kate said...

You look amazing!! Yea for having a little break! Jax will have a great time with your mom!

Veronica said...

Oh, love the belly pic. So cute!

I'm glad you were able to get your have-to's done over the weekend. It feels good to get things checked off the list!