Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Wow, the days have gone by fast with this pregnancy! It wasn't until I logged on to my blog and that I realized I am 12 weeks today! What a trusty pregnancy ticker! Can't believe I am almost finished with my 1st trimester. I have my follow up ultrasound this week Wednesday. Hopefully that will shed some light on the Subchorionic Hemmorages concern. I will have not experienced any bleeding. I don't want to make assumptions, but I have a pretty good feeling that my body is absorbing the clots. Because of where the bleeding occured (so close to the cervix), my doctor said I will most likely have some bleeding. But we won't know for sure until Wednesday.

The past few days have been beautiful outside. And by that, I mean 40-50s degrees. I caved and let Jax have one of his baseball bats/ ball from his easter basket. I felt terrible that he doesn't have any outdoor toys. We went for a little walk in his wagon yesterday too. He is sleeping now, but we intend to go outside and play again this afternoon!
Jax didn't care much for getting his shows dirty... just wanted us to get the ball everytime it off-roaded!



{:miss v:} said...

Doesn't the first trimester seem to fly by?

Praying your appointment this week is uneventful!

croleyc69 said...

Saying a prayer for you always and especially on Wednesday. Take care

打扮 said...


amanda said...

the weather has been SO nice hasn't it!?

praying your appointment goes well.

it's funny because i'll come on my blog and look at my ticker and do the same thing! thank goodness for those tickers. :0)

Holly said...

Sometimes I feel like the weeks can't pass quick enough in this pregnancy and then I'm like, wait, I'm this far along already?! Hope that the US goes well and shows that the hemmorhage is gone!

We've had great weather too. It's been in the 60s (supposedly) and the sun has been shining. I'm loving it!