Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easter Goodies / Mom's Progress

I have Jackson's Easter basket all ready! This little boy doesn't have a thing for chocolate candy, so I kept it light with only the Reese's Pieces. Everything you see here, save for the Children's Prayer Book ($8) and the Gerber utensils ($4), was only $1 each. I had taken Jackson outside yesterday to play in the driveway and enjoy the 40 degree weather... but realized we don't have any outside toys for him! I was thrilled to find the two bats/baseball sets and the big bouncy ball. Also, the egg shaped side walk chalk will be perfect for his little hands. He will love the bubbles and the squishy water balls when summer finally comes. I can't wait to see his face when he sees all the balls that the Easter Bunny brought him, those are his favorite right now :)

My mom came to visit for a few days this week. The first chance she has gotten since her last operation in mid Feb. The procedure went well as far as the results of her implants, however she experienced some nerve damage in her arms/neck that has persisted since she woke up from anesthesia. Mom has received a EMG test administered by a neuralogist which determined which nerve(s) were effected and confirmed that she has a buldging disk. It can be assumed that this damaged occured due to the several times she was hoisted to a sitting position during the operation to assess the progress of her implantation.
For the past three weeks, she has slowly started to get back the feeling and mobility of her right arm. But to compensate for the lack of control of her right arm, she has been needing to use her left arm alot more.... which has now begun to take it's toll on that pectoral muscle... which had just been lifted and had an implant inserted. So, this may be a slow process to recover from this unexpected event. We are still extremely fortunate for the results of her cancer having been contained where it was, and for no necessary need of further treatments. My parents are leaving for their long awaited, much deserved Mexican vacation this coming Saturday.



amanda said...

wasn't the weather perfect yesterday? and today? ahhh spring is in the air. i try not to get too excited, because after all it can still snow!

the easter gifts look perfect. my mom always does up baskets for the kiddos so i don't do anything. that way it's something special they can look forward to from my parents. and it saves me money. lol.

your mom looks great and i will keep her in my prayers! hope they have fun in mexico.

Holly said...

I'm sure Jackson will love all his Easter gifts! I'm not sure what or if we'll get Kyndra anything. Still up in the air.

I've been keeping up with your mom on her page. I hope that she continues to get better and that she has a fabulous time on the trip!

Kate said...

You are so organized! I haven't even thought about Molly's Easter basket yet! Thanks for an update on your Mom!

Leslee said...

Look at you so johnnie on the sot with Easter!! Good for you - No need waiting if you know what you want and happen to find it!

What great news about your Mom, sorry to hear of the minor setbacks - Glad things are looking better!