Saturday, December 5, 2009

I know I'm NOT the Only One

Wow, has it really been another week since my last post?

My son is sick again! He still hadn't completely recovered from his lingering cough from his birthday. For those of you who missed that, it was Oct. 22! Quite awhile for a cough to stick around. None the less, last night he woke about 5 times coughing and crying. Poor little guy would just sit up in his crib and cry, he couldn't fall back to sleep. I feel totally helpless! Today, the nose started running again. Jackson is a true gem despite the way he must be feeling. He was completely tuckered out by 6pm, however he still has been coughing/crying on and off for the last 4 hours. Am I the only one who feels like my kid is always sick? Anyone else feel completely helpless to sooth your child when you can't give them any medicine?

So I set out tonight to Walmart (my other home) to purchase a Vaporizer for my son. We have had a regular cool humidifier in his room however it isn't vapo-rub compatible nor did it seem to help. It has been along time since I have been driving without a backseat passenger, and so I felt the teenager in me say "Turn up the radio" My trusty christian stations had failed to produce a good groovin song, so I switched. I am embarrassed to admit that when I heard "St. Elmo's Fire" I laughed and cranked it up. Man, it felt good to sing out loud without caring one bit. It was dark out, so no one saw me jammin - nor was I being an un-fit mother (un-fit driver, that's another discussion) because I was sans child. I was singing all the wrong words, laughing about it - still not getting over the fact that I actually singing to "St. Elmo's Fire." I know I'm not the only one who loves to good blast from the past! Simple pleasures!

I found the steamer that I wanted, added it my cart of kitty litter and Boogey Wipes - then made my way to the check outs. Now the pending question that looms over me every trip to Walmart.... do I attempt the self check out? Since my cart was so little, I decided to go for it and pulled in behind a younger lady. I grabbed the latest copy of Soap Opera Digest, because the cover story featured GH (General Hospital). My eyes started to stray from the magazine and fell apon the coveted candybars. Butterfinger. I debated. My two selves were speaking to each other "Don't pick it up!" "Go ahead, it's not the like it's the 'Big Bar' just the regular size Butterfinger." "You don't need it!" "What can 1 Butterfinger really hurt?" I debated. I decided. I put the magazine down and grabbed the first Butterfinger in the row. I slide my thumb down the whole candy bar and immediately knew I made the right choice. I know I'm not the only one who gets excited when your Butterfinger isn't broken in half! This was an unbroken full length Butterfinger - and it was delicious!

But it never falls - the poor girl in front of me received the dreaded voice command "Please Wait For Assistance" Her face went red, either with anger or embarrassment, I couldn't really tell. At least I know I'm not the only one who can't get through the self check outs without wanting to shove my foot into the damn machine! Since when has replacing an actual human being with a machine really work out to everyone's advantage? I will use them if I have less than 4 items. Anything more than - forget it! Have you gone grocery shopping in the late evening? Don't expect to see any upright Walmart employees anywhere near the registers, except for the "Assistant" to the self check out machine. I don't know about many of you - but I am not particularly fond of unload my full cart of groceries, scan them all successfully, bag them, place them back into my cart and get the machine to accept my coupons. Especially when you have someone behind you holding 2 items!! America NEEDS jobs right? Why have they gotten rid of the cashiers?

Then on the way home I was convicted by one of my favorite songs on the radio right now.

"Follow You" by LeeLand Featuring Brandon Heath


"I'll follow you in the homes of the broken,
I'll follow you in the world.

I'll meet the needs for the poor and the needy
God, I follow you in the world. "

I know I'm not the only one who hears a song that make you realize the ridiculous things that you can worked up over. It makes you see more clearly the things you take for granted, and the things that really don't matter, like everything I posted above. When I started getting carried away by the selfish things in this world... He draws me right back in.



Holly said...

Poor Jackson! He just can't shake it, can he? Hopefully that vaporizer helps! I've never used one so I don't know if it will. I have heard that a spoonful of honey before bed will help with the coughing. Also haven't tried that one yet.

Ooooooooo..... the coveted unbroken Butterfinger. I hate it when they are broken. Mmmmmmmmm....

I love jamming in the car when Kyndra isn't with me. I turn it up really loud and sing really loud. Even in the day time! lol

TIFFANY said...

You've probably already tried this one for his cough, but sitting in the steam in the bathroom used to help my kids. Turn the hot water on in the shower, close the bathroom door, and take some books or toys in there for 30 minutes or so.

Kate said...

Amen! I hear ya on getting all worked up, only to get a swift kick in the pants from God. Have you tried honey? Does that have eggs in it? Honey worked for Molly. She licked it off the spoon.

croleyc69 said...

Hoping Jackson gets well soon. My Marie is back sick again this weekend. She just gets better it seems then here we go again. I think with everything going on this yr it's hard to shake. I have also heard the teaspoon of honey and running Hot water in the shower to. The shower does work good.
I love jamming to in the car. Sometimes just to get away from it all a drive can do wonders. Or if I get the chance to be home cleaning by myself, I turn on the radio and jam.
Take care

Myra said...

I'm so sorry that Jackson's been sick. I hope he's feeling better now!

I've missed you my blog friend.

How's your business going?