Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Have I BEEN?!?

Wow! I am finally back after a week long unexpected, unintended leave from blogging. I can't even remember the last time I didn't post for a whole week. I will definitely be making the rounds soon to get to everyone's blog and get up to date!

Gotta warn you - gonna be a long post. Got lots to update on, hope you are still be here at the end ;)

I am been a bit overwhelmed this week, physically and mentally. The week started off with my photography class competition. I was so pleased and flattered to receive so much feedback in regards to a title for my photo. They were all great and it was a hard choice! I decided to title it "Beating With Love" - so a special thanks to Kate! I received a blue ribbon for that photograph and it is currently being displaced at the head college campus. I was told by a fellow student I should consider selling it to a maternity ward. We'll see. That was my last class. I look forward to taking more classes in the future, however due to finances and necessary upgrades to my equipment, I don't think I will be attending anytime soon.


On Wednesday, I was asked in to the church by the children's Pastor and the child's ministry leaders. They all wanted to know if I would be willing to participate in the growth of the child's ministry and help build a strong community amongst the volunteers that serve in the daycare (Carnival, as the church calls it). We have one service on Saturday evenings and two on Sunday mornings. For each service, there is a babies room, a toddler room, 2-3 year old room and a 4K room. In January 09 we had 350 members, in September 09 we had 1300 members! Each room needs 2-3 volunteers. Also, the Carnival is open on Wed. nights for Life Classes that are available at Pathways Church. If any of you have ever served in the childrens daycare room during a service, you know you can feel a bit deattached from the organization. You're there to watch the children, you come in and you leave when you're done. So what the children's ministry leaders want to focus on is really strengthing that community/project feel to all the volunteers. We really want them to feel as though they are apart of something. So I have agreed to be the Service Coordinator for the second service on Sundays. I am the familar face that goes around to each of the rooms and gets to know the servers. I have also become the "go to" person. I really feel like this was God's calling to make me apart of this wonderful church. I was looking for a place to get more involved and I didn't have to look far - because I was sought out. And that made me feel really good.


I took Jackson in for his 12 month well visit check up appt. One thing that really bugs me about our Ped. clinic - is that the Well Visit side of the room is always the really busy side. The Sick Visit side of the waiting room is always vacant. I have a hard believing that all the children playing on the Well Visit side are really well visit children. It wasn't hard to guess on Thursday when several of them were required to the face mask! It's just that no body wants to be sitting on the Sick Visit side, thinking more germs and sickness is being transferred over there. (still with me?) But in reality... I am forced to believe that the Sick Visit side probably has less germs than the Well Visit side, because I never see anyone over there.... phew!

Anyways, Jackson did excellent with his finger poke - only flinched a little. Of course he screamed and held his breath during the three shots. I sang "Jesus Loves Me" while he held his breath and quickly picked him up when the little circle band aids were in place. I had brought along his blanket. After about 2 seconds of cuddling with me, he reached out for his Daddy. Not going to lie - that stung! Paul, being a sweetheart and knowing how I would feel if he took Jax from me, come over and gave us a group hug. To be real, that group hug was more like me holding Jackson, Jackson holding Paul and Paul holding both of us.

It was confirmed by our Ped. that she did not even recommend Jackson be given the flu shot under supervision of a allergist. I heard that it could be possible for egg allergy children to receive it in smaller doses, administered by an allergist - but she advised against it. Unfortunately, this means that Paul and I made the decision to pull him out of the Carnival at church for a few weeks. H1N1 is going around like mad up here and I have decided to be that mother who is going to over protect her child from this flu. Jackson already is getting his second cold (running nose this morning). He just barely got over the one from his birthday and already got hit with another. We feel that his immune system is already working overtime with these colds that subjecting him to further contagious elements isn't wise. He will still continue to have play dates and such - but I would rather be there to supervise him and make sure he's not putting toys in his mouth that were just chewed on by another child. Go ahead - call me the over protective mother! :) I know I am right now.


It was Missions week at church this week. Each night was a different event hosted by a different guest speaker to give their testimony about how living the life of a missionary has changed their lives. Saturday morning was a Ladies' Tea Party. I hosted one (out of 28) tables at this function. Each host was to bring their own china sets and give their table a theme. The room looked spectacular! Each table with different themes and different china. This was the FIRST time I had ever used our wedding china! LOL Should've listened to everyone when they said, "You'll never use it, dnt' register for it". Oh well, it's tradition! My theme was Lyrical Scripture. I often turn to music when I need to be uplifted and find encouragement. There are several musical artists that are able to take a passage from the Bible and create an entire song around it. At each table setting, I placed a card with an emotion/experience on it (Love, Encouragement, Forgiveness, Inspiriation, Worship and Wisdom) I included a passage that appropriately fit the experience and cooresponded that with a song that contained the scripture. As a little gift, I hand made bookmarks with a dangling charm and inserted them into the place cards.

The guest speaker was actually the senior Pastor's wife, Jana. She spoke about growing up with her family in Portugal. Missionary work has woven Jana in to the person she is today. She shared her deep passion for spreading the word and work of Jesus Christ into other countries where His name is unknown. It was a wonderful presentation and we had a lovely turnout of guests.


Saturday afternoon, our friends from back home came up to spend the evening and night. Joe and Allison had left their children with Joe's parents. Allison and I went to see the musical RENT at the PAC in Appleton. It was my second time seeing it, and her third. Two of the original Broadway actors from the 1996 company of RENT, Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, were touring with this company... we were so happy and lucky to catch this unique performance with two of the actors that made it famous. Allison and I grabbed a few martinis after the show and just had a great time catching up (without children and NOT over emails).

Wow! I think that about does it. My heart has been heavy all day today, following MckMama on twitter. Can our God be any greater?? My thoughts of rejoicing are with the Mckinney family and the rest of the world as we celebrate the wonderful news of a successful ablation today. Stellan's AV node was NOT damaged (so no need for a pacemaker at this time) thanks to the wisdom of a specialist who advised a risk (but ultimately affective) alternative routine to the percise location in little Stellan's heart. No SVT! Praise Him!

Thanks for following! Will be around to everyone's blog tomorrow!



Kate said...

Yea, I made it all the way through to the end! So glad you are back. You have been busy! Wow! How exciting about your church. What a great opportunity to contribute!

croleyc69 said...

I missed you and glad your back. Lots going on for you. Best wishes with the church. Take care

HeatherOz said...

I made it through your entire post with no problems! You've been very busy! Glad you're back! I don't think there is anything wrong with being an over protective mama! I always thought that after the first baby I would loosen up a bit but I am just as protective of all 4 babes. I think you are smart to limit Jackson's exposure!!!

Holly said...

Is there a prize for getting to the end? lol

Congrats on doing so well in the photography competition!! I would love to take classes and have a really nice camera but I figure I have a FIL that does it and if I need anything he can do it. ;)

I hope you enjoy helping out a church. It's a great opportunity!

You know, I've kinda noticed that too. It has never really been super busy when I have went in with Kyndra but the well area is always more full. The sick area at my office is actually better than the well area and Kyndra actually prefers to be in the sick area b/c it has a picnic table and books. lol

It kinda does hurt your heart when your baby wants someone else besides you no matter who it is. :(

You put together a nice spread for your table!! I didn't register for any china for our wedding.

Ms. Sarah said...

sounds like you have been one busy lady. Hang in there. go look at my blog left you some love =)