Friday, November 13, 2009


We all have it.
Our spouses have it.
But our children have it

at least mine does.

As Jackson's intelligence matures and his personality develops, quirkiness surrounds him.

I am a huge fan of General Hospital. HOLLA BACK! :) If I don't have the chance to watch it during the day, it's DVR'd for later viewing. Jackson will usually play in the living room while I have the soap on the tv. It never fails, no matter how intent he is with his playing... he will get totally transfixed by General Hospital's opening credits. As soon as he hears that saxophone start playing and the flashing spotlights with each of the characters being shown on tv... he is mesmerized. He will smile at me, start rocking back and forth to the music and keep his eyes glued to the changing colors.

That's my boy! I mean, RIGHT? What 12 month old little boy wouldn't be mesmerized by that? Now while that opening credit is from 2009, that may have been a blast from the past for some of you who used to watch the show ages ago!

Never get the chance to go to the bathroom in peace? If you have little one who is curious as to what you're up to every time you leave the room... you are just like me! Wouldn't it be nice to not have your child climbing and pulling on your pant legs while you're trying to some "private time?" Am I alone here?? Well, I have discovered if I need a temporary babysitter baby distractor, I just start a load of laundry. Jackson can not pull himself away from the front loading washer and dryer! He loves to watch the clothes get tumbled around and around. And yes, they are not on pedestals. That was a mistake! We thought saving the $400 for two pedestals underneath the units was a good financial move. WRONG! Raise your hand if you enjoy switching the loads on your knees!!

When Jackson doesn't want to literally rearrange the contents of my lower cupboards, but just heads straight to the lazy susan and pulls out the garlic salt. He will roll on that all over the kitchen floor until I put it away!

We find things missing in the house... and we are sent on a scavenger hunt! Notice the corner slate piece mysteriously missing from the end table? It has a safe guard corner piece on it.

Where did we find it?

Why in the bathtub, of course!! Where else?

Jackson's favorite things include:

The Foot Book
What Does Baby Do - book
Light fixtures
Ceiling fans that go "round and round"
The wall clock
his soft green blanket

Recent accomplishments:
Rocking / dancing
moves his arm "round and round" like a fan
beginning to blow kisses
peek a boo

And oh yeah, did I mention this?? Please excuse my stay at mom wardrobe yesterday... I didn't really get dressed :)



Kendall and Brooks said...

Aww how cute! What a big boy!!!

Three Calhouns said...

Haha! That completely sounds like my life! Ella LOVES the toilet paper holder and unraveling it. I haven't been able to find a magic distractor yet though.
And how cute is he walking?!

SayRah said...

So many distractions and SO little time! LoL. I bet your thankful for those baby distractors too @ times!
I never get to watch soaps anymore, and I don't have a DVR..I honestly need to invest in one...(mental note: put that on my to-do list!)

And I love the video of you and Jackson--how adorable! And honey, your attire looks comfy to me!

((hugs & blessings))

Allison said...

I think you look HOT! And while I'm sitting on the toilet, Nathan likes to push the toilet seat back and forth, hitting me on the back, and then listening to the LOUD sound as it hits the back of the toilet. If only our front-load washer weren't in the basement...

Holly said...

It can sure be a scavenger hunt! I still have not found Kyndras comb that goes in her little tykes purse and a paper book. They have mysteriously disappeared and it bugs the heck out of me!! That's so funny he took a piece of the table. I guess he thought it was better in the tub! lol

Kate said...

Holla, GH!!! Love it! Molly loves the Ho-Chunk casino commercials! So cute little Jax!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Awesome, awesome on the walking! How fun. How cool. I can't wait. I remember how fun it was with my Bella. I'm sure Scout will be soon! BTW - love your pants with love on the bum - I want me a pair of those :o)
LOVED THIS POST. Had me laughing all over the place. You know, I haven't had 'private time' (you put it so nicely) in the bathroom literally for 9 years. Why you ask, because I started watching my nephew when he was one. I had him 11 hours a day. Then when he was 4 I had Bella, then when Bella was 3.5, I had Scout. I've never been without an audience. Oh yeah, and the pug likes to try to get in on the action too! My washer/dryer are in the basement, so can't pull your trick :o)
Great post. Still not getting your updates in my blog roll!!!! Ugh!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Do you know for the heck of it I clicked the Follow button on your blog and it showed I wasn't following??? You know I began following you months ago. I was also over at Oswald Cuties today and found the same thing - and I've been following her forever. I'm thinking this all happened when I had issues on my dahsboard and my little face disappeared off peoples blogs - then it showed back up. Guess it didn't get back on some!
Well, at least now I'll be getting your updates. Goodness - finally!

Myra said...

SO cute! :)

I can't believe that Jackson's walking!! It won't be long til Ridley does.

Our babies are growing up too fast!