Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paul's Not So Celebrated 30th... Thanks to Jax!

Yesterday was Paul's 30th birthday. Kind of a bummer that it landed on a Monday this year, but we went out to eat on Sunday night. Jackson however had different ideas as to what an evening centered around Daddy meant. He has been starting to yell for no apparent reason. It's quite embarrassing when you're eating at a restaruant. I guess there's something to be said for the families that are eating out at 4:30pm on a Sunday night... they all had young children, so hopefully we weren't getting too many glares.

I made spagetti last night for dinner. Jackson had a wonderful day, but again - during dinner he just started acting funny! While I was cooking, I turned around and saw THIS! Didn't see that one coming... a perfectly good container of bread crumbs all over my kitchen floor.

He wouldn't eat any of his food. I was quite surprised considering he refused his afternoon snack too. This is a child who EATS and eats and eats and only weighs 19.5 lbs. at 12 months. He has quite a metabolism! So this behavior was very unlike him.

Anyways, Paul's birthday dinner at home was not as I had intented it to be. With a screaming child in the high chair not knowing what he wanted... it was far from relaxing. Of course Paul and I were exchanging smiles that implied "Well, sweetheart - this is our life now." Of course we would never trade a day of our lives for anything, but last night could have gone better :)

We even tried giving Jax some of the cake that I bought at the bakery. Nope! He was having none of that. Cake?!? Whose child IS this? (side note: The bakery lady asked me if I had a color specification, I said "Just something masculine." So, I got blue flowers... not exactly what I would call masculine.) So I wolfed my piece down so that Paul could actually savor his birthday cake. I proceeded to get a very unhappy little boy out of his highchair - but not before I snapped a few photos of his heartbreaking wails.

How Pitiful!




Holly said...

Yep, this is life with kids!! hahaha

You know, Kyndra pulls the not eating thing on me a lot lately. Foods she used to gobble up she won't touch. I've been told it's a phase. I sure hope so!! Sometimes she barely eats anything for supper. I hope he was just having an off night and it doesn't keep happening for you!

Happy Birthday to Paul!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Laughing because it sounds like something that would happen or has happened to us. We eat out early too so if the kids are a tad louder, we don't get as many glares!

Love the last pic. Poor baby!

Happy Birthday Paul!

croleyc69 said...

I can say yes I understand what you are going thru. The going out to dinner thing. My son Ridge went thru phases on eating at one time all he would eat is Hot Dogs for every meal. I worried that it wasn't enough but then once again things changed and he was back to his self eating like normal. My daughter Jennifer who is 5 has been going thru phases alot these past 6 months. Good Luck and I'm sure things will change.
Happy Birthday to Paul.

Kate said...

Hopefully he is okay! I hate not knowing what it wrong with our kids! Happy Birthday, Paul!

Kelly said...

Aw poor baby! Hope he feels better soon. Love the last picture...what a sad face!

Happy Birthday Paul!!

♥ Ali ♥ said...

Jayden always ATE, and then, about one...He stopped. why? HIS TEETH hurt to eat, all he wanted was his cup..Then his were done, and he had a totally different appetite. Sometimes its the teeth, sometimes its a phase, sometimes they don't like the food; sometimes they want to cry.

I love the crying cake picture though, simpley amazing, huh?

HeatherOz said...

Poor Jax! Hope he is feeling better!