Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give Away Time!

Now that Jackson's birthday is over and I am slowing down with April Accents (still taking orders! - Christmas gifts anyone?), my evenings are freeing up alittle bit. I have been meaning to get back to reading. This give away is a little smaller than usual, but something I still think is cute. Have you noticed my navigation bar is progress? You can always click on Give Aways and the current running contest will be posted there.

To win the give away, please leave me a comment giving me a good read suggestion. I have already read the HP series and the Twilight saga... not really into the Vampire Diaries. I am really into fiction novels - series are always a lot of fun. But if there is something inspiriational that you recently discovered that is worth a shout out - please let me know!

I will draw a winner on Friday morning.

Thanks for participating!

Good Luck!



Becky said...

I have enjoyed reading the "Shopaholic" Series by Sophie Kinsella. They are a light and fun read, so it may be good during the holidays.

Also, anything by Jane Green, she is great.

Jennifer Weiner has some great books.

Also, the Something Borrowed, Something Blue series by Emily Giffin! These were GREAT!!

Charlotte Ann said...

I suggest you try A Friend of the Family by Lauren Grodstein. You will like this one!

Jacki said...

Hey April;

It's Jacki from Marshfield. (I see you are doing well). I thought I would suggest a good read for you... I have actually been listening to books on CD because I don't have much time with Nathaniel and Joe... we are so busy. However, here's my most recent 'read.' Inside My Heart by Robin McGraw (yes, that's Dr. Phil's wife). I thought it was great for a Christian woman. Take care! Jacki ;-)

Holly said...

I'm actually reading the Vampire Diaries right now so that's prolly what I would've suggested. :)

Since you like Twilight you might like The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I really enjoyed it.

Marsha said...

You can't go wrong with ANYTHING from Karen Kingsbury!

Veronica said...

First of all, I LOVE your new header. The colors are awesome. You are quite talented to be doing your own blog desing stuff. I know NOTHING about that kind of stuff!

As for a book to read, I haven't really had a lot of time to read these last few months, but I am working on a book that is my friend Kristin's fav. It's called The Same Kinda Different As Me. I also read Crazy Love and thought that was an awesome book that challenges you in your walk with the Lord.

The bookmark is very cute!

P.S. I added your business to my Mom Made Business links on my sidebar. :)

Paige said...

hey!! did you ever get my headband order??

Jamie said...

Wow, it looks like Becky and I have the exact SAME taste in books! I was going to name all of the same books town to Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed series. Those are all really easy and fun reads. If you get through all of those, Sophie Kinsella has more books under a pen name-Madeleine Wickham. I just started my first of those books.

Kate said...

Hmm...not too much of a reader, but I love "Man's Search for Meaning" awesome book!

the Spocks said...

Francis Chan's book "Crazy Love". Also anything by Angela Hunt, or the Seasons seasons by Terri Blackstock.

My favorite book is Pretense by Lori Wick.

Mom and Dad said...

I love the new look of the blog, April!!