Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Read With Us - Chapter 15/16

So sorry to be late on this again! I my son has gone down to only one nap each day and that leaves me with very little time to blog has much as I used to. Especially as I have been getting the party decorations ready, the house ready, emails answered, hats made, errands ran, shooting for my photography class phew! I am sad that my reading time has come to a crunch

My eyes were tearing and my cheeks were wet as I read again the nightmare that the Krafts experienced when Anna passed away. I can only imagine all the emotions that would be going through one's system in such a time that followed. There are so many expectations, that you put on yourself, to make sure the memorial would be as you had hoped. When that wasn't a terrible distraction, you would be left in sorrow. It was really difficult to read about Lynnette and her husband crying together on the bathroom floor.

I will do my best to participate fully in next week. I don't think I be able to finish the remaining section of the book, but I completely understand why it's more appropriate to combine it into one review, considering it being Lynnette's time through healing.

Thank Holly for staying steadfast with the book review, even though many of us have fallin off the wagon!


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Holly said...

Girl, I hear you!! Life gets so busy!! I'm surprised I haven't been behind!! lol I'm going to try and finish the last part of the book for next week. Time will tell!

I can't imagine having to perform CPR on my own child. I hope I never have to.