Friday, October 2, 2009

Love & Affection

Thank you all for commenting on my recent post "Inside the Minds of Children". If you inquired about receiving the Social and Emotional Development Chart to help you understand your child's agenda, I will be emailing those to you later today!!


With all of the new adventures and obstacles that have been recently laid before me when it comes to Jackson's development, an increase in affection was not one that I was expecting.

It all started with this post. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at how Jax laid his head on my shoulder while I sang to him before bedtime. I was also given several kisses while I sang and could't' stop crying over it. Since then, Jackson reaches for his blanket everytime I pull him out of his crib. Can you believe I actually get about 5 mins of snuggle time after each nap? Just Jax, me and his blanket. If I am able to grab Mr. Froggie or Duckie, I am likely to get about 10 mins. Jackson tolerates this time very well, just sitting quietly on my lap. He likes to feel the soften of the blanket and run his fingers along the satin edges. This is something that Paul remembers doing as a child with his blanket. He said it always relaxed him before falling asleep.

Jackson's blanket seems to be first thing that I have seen him build an attachment to. After our soothing time before each nap (which oddly enough for quite a while was "tickle time". When Jackson turned 8 months, he started crying each time I took him into his dark nursery. So I turned our quite rocking time into singing tickle time and he grew to love that. He would start giggling before we even sat in the rocker. He never cried once after he was in a good mood for his nap.) But now, he seems to be like the soft singing before naps again. So now, I lay him down and snuggle his blanket up to his cheeks. He turns his head to it and starts to root (yes, root) into the blanket's soft material. How would have thought their 11 month old could still root!

I just love this quiet time after each nap. It doesn't last long, but I am so happy that he is starting to like my company again. He was wild to get away from me shortly after I stopped breastfeeding several weeks ago and we hadn't shared much closeness since. Thankfully, that is changing.

I will be sharing some photos from our trip to the Apple Orchard real soon!! Yay - More Photos!!



Holly said...

Kyndra is attached to her blankets. She has 2 fleece ones that are the same except a different design on the material and she has actually carried them both around at the same time.

I love it when they snuggle!

Kate said...

Molly never used to have a lovie, but now she her lovie is her blanket, but only when she is tired. What sweet time you have with Jax! What Apple Orchard did you go to? So excited to see!

SayraH said...

I remember having a comfort like that, except mine was a pillowcase..I never liked soft edges though--always rough. Weird I know. That 'security' is so important for children.
You have so many great memories to cherish! How wonderful :)