Friday, September 4, 2009

Winners All Around

And the Winner of the Custom Made Children's Hat Goes To...

Congratulations E. Merritt
I invite everyone to visit Merritt + 3 where E blogs about her life as a triplets mommy. Her adorable three boys are six months old.

And since Jackson demanded on having an Honorable Mention,

I will be featuring another blog member & follower,

Kelly is 22 weeks pregnant with her first child. Her little girl will be named Lily Grace and is due to join the family in December. Please head over to Kelly's blog and give her any advice you can on first steps into motherhood!!

ME?!? Yes ME!!

A couple weeks back I won a great give away hosted by April. She is currently running a similar give away and I encourage all of you to go and enter it! This is the prize...

April will custom design a frame matte for a photo of your choosing. I chose a photo of Jax in his swimming pool and this is what she did with it! I felt that placing it a frame would down play the creativity and unique detail of this matte so instead I placed in on an easel.

So please go enter her give away!



E. Merritt said...

Love the video! It brought a needed SMILE;) Thanks.

Jamie said...

Ahh!!! I love how good Jax is at grabbing the entries and then separating them. But April, aren't you guys feeding the poor kid?! He has to eat the paper! hahaha

April said...

its weird seeing what I made on someone elses blog. Thanks so much for sharing my giveaway! I'm so glad you liked it :)

Kelly said...

Aw, the video is so cute! Thanks so much for featuring me!! So sweet of you.

The picture matte is amazing that you won! I'm definitely going to enter that giveaway.

Hope you have a great weekend!!