Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the Home Front

Other than that, I went running errands this morning to get some more supplies for Jackson's first birthday party. It's a ton of work to create all the decorations from scratch, I have found that no party places sells Eric Carle's A Very Hungry Caterpillar themed accessories. So I am rolling up my sleeves and working hard to do it all myself. I have the determination!

What has Jackson been up to?

Other than giving away kisses for free,

and having fun imitating Daddy,

He has learned to hold his own bottle!

And that is saying quite a bit for a breastfed baby!

We also had a visit this week from our friend's Crystal and Little Miss. Madelyn. She so kindly modeled the Breanna hat for me with her adorable fall outfit from Target. Did I say Fall?? What month IS it anyways?



Veronica said...

You have been busy, haven't you. So cool that Jackson's learning to hold his own bottle. It's always amazing to me when I see little babies hold their own bottles. My girls never drank bottles either.

So neat that you're making your own decorations for the party. It will be fun to see what you come up with!

Holly said...

Kyndra never really ever liked to hold her bottle and she did it late. It may have been just pure laziness b/c I know she could do it. Hooray! Free kisses!

SandyS said...

What a wonderful blog! Please note that the Eric Carle Museum Store has Hungry Caterpillar birthday supplies. It's a big birthday for the Caterpillar too - he's 40! Happy Birthday to Jackson. Thank you!

croleyc69 said...

Wow you have been busy & that little guy is so cute. I think it's so cute when they try to hold there bottle. Great pics too. Take care :)

Kate said...

I can't wait to see all of your decorations!!