Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Phew! I am wiped! I have been hard at work each day with making more hats; I have almost completed the website. I need to create and photograph 2 more styles and then get them up as well.

I have had to miss the recipe bloghop this week, as well as tomorrow's Wednesday's Walk. That bums me out because I have something so special to share. I will hold onto it for next week, because you will all be praising in God's mercy when you hear this story! I have been reading all your posts, although I haven't had time to leave a comment like I usually do. I am trying to get my house in order from being away so much!

I have been out of town alot in the past 2 weeks. I have visited my hometown a number of times for different reasons and will be back there again this weekend. Jackson has been very flexible with our nomad ways lately, though the cutting of 2 new teeth (simultaneously) are making him uncomfortable. He has sprouted a fever several times this past weekend and seems to be irritable. The cutting of the first two teeth did have this effect on him. He is getting another one on the bottom and his first one of the top now. However on top - it is neither of the top two front ones that you would expect - rather it's one off from that set. That will look funny when it's all the way in :) Poor little man!


Remember this post? I talked about all our crazy work organizing the garage? Ignore that and look at the bottom portion. I posted some raw fabric and ribbon and wanted to make a taggies blanket for my son. He chews on the tags of everything! See where I jokingly mentioned that I hope to finish it before his first birthday?? Well, I came close enough! I just finished it yesterday! My dilemma was sewing it by hand because I don't have a sewing machine. That was a mistake! I lost interest REAL quick. So I had put it off until this past weekend when I went to my husband's parents house. My mother in law Kathy graciously walked me through a Sewing 101 crash course for the simple minded and basic (that's me!) I am proud to show you my finished blanket - ready in time for Jax's first birthday.

OH! And I finally watched Twilight last night. Loved the books!! Was a freak about the books, but heard the movie didn't compare so I never watched it. I thought it was decent. There isn't an easy way to express thoughts of a character on film, like you can in the book. So I definitely enjoyed the book more - but I will waiting to see how the next New Moon movie will be.



Holly said...

Traveling takes a lot of time! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves visiting! Your shop looks great!! I added your button to my blog. ;)

That tag blanket looks really great.

The books are better but I still love the movie! I'm anxiously awaiting New Moon!!!!!!!!!

Mom and Dad said...

It turned out beautifully April and Jax will love it especailly all the little tags for him to chew on. Thank you Kathy for your help!!

Spitfire_Wheels said...

That blanket is AWESOME April!!!!