Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jam Packed Weekend

Friday evening swept through with a huge sigh from Paul, who has been through the ringer this week at work. Despite the four day week, several situations all blended together to create one frustrating and exhausting few days for Paul. He has also beganrestarted his workout program P90X. After hurting his back after the last attempt (pre-baby), Paul is wanted to get back in shape yet again and being more mindful of possible injuries this time around. He proudly came off the scale this morning and said "170 lbs... haven't been that low since 2007". Didn't take much either - only one week. He is dedicated this time and excited to see results (hopefully beaming with a nice golden tan this year).

Saturday we made a trip to Sams Club to pick up two shelving units for the garage. While we haven't accumulated much "clutter" yet, what we do have is just scattered with no rhyme or reason. When we got home, we Paul proceeded to clear out the garage to power wash the floor. It had 1/2 year of fine dust settling and left over construction mud in the concrete grooves. He did a great job and now our garage is organized, complete with a spare freezer/frig unit (my parent's old one) and Paul's own little self designed workout area. Yes - that is a tv screen/DVD player and clock radio you see there (things we had stored in the basement). He actually mentioned something about bringing our old microwave out there too. Are you kidding me?!? What is he trying to do?

Anyways - Jackson and I enjoyed the day outside while we watched Daddy hard at work!

The neighbors invited us to their daughter's graduation party of Sunday. The weather was great outside and we enjoyed the afternoon visiting and chasing after the children. Jackson went all afternoon without a nap (has a difficult time sleeping outside) and actually did great! He wasn't really fussy at all. Jax finally has a tooth just underneath the surfaces of his gummys. Yesterday, he was a bit ornery and he's been rubbing his tongue along the left side bottom gum area and I realized he had a white speck right there. Today, there's a bit a hole starting and I can imagine in the next few days - it will be cutting through. Big boy!!

I have decided to make Jackson a new baby blanket. This little boy (like many others) loves to suck/chew on the tags of his soft toys. So - I decided to make a blanket for him and make tags all along the border for him to chew on. This isn't my brilliant idea - there is a company called Taggies that makes them, but I thought I could take on the task myself. I picked out fabric from JoAnn fabrics (spent more than I admitted to Paul). I couldn't resist - the fabric is so adorable! I am going to use three different ribbons to fold over and sew all the perimeter as the tags. I think *hope* it will turn out nicely. The snag... is that I don't own (or know how to use) a sewing machine, so this little huge task will be done by hand! Hopefully I will have it done before my son turns 1! Wish me luck!!

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