Monday, August 31, 2009

Read WIth Us - Chapter 8

Join us as we continue reading In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me. By: Lynnette Kraft

I am so glad that God answered Lynnette's prayers for a longer pregnancy for Anna's sake. Personally I know that even at 39 weeks, I was ready to go. However, that was under completely different circumstances and I know that Lynnette (and God for that matter) had Anna's well being at heart. I am pleased to hear that this labor and delivery went well for them both. Less stress for a baby with proceeding complications is always favored.

Have you incorporated any healthier living into your family?
I would have to say having almost no junk food in the house was a good step for us. If the bad food isn't there, it won't be eaten on a daily basis. We also don't carry much soda in the house. We only get these special items when we are planning for company. But I never went as far as drinking vegetable juice :) V8 Fusion is the closest I have gotten to that :)

I was disheartened to read that yet again, Lynnette was faced with heartless doctors. At first, I thought this was the same doctor that talked her during the initial ultrasound. But then I read on and found that this ped. cardiologist was a different doctor all together. Every patient deserves to be given compassion in situations like these. Furthermore, when a baby is involved that compassion needs to be softened even more. I know that many doctors are more focused on the scientific end of their fields of practice, but if there wasn't a real live people being treated - those doctor wouldn't have a field TO practice. Have you encountered any doctors like this? No thankfully, I have never been in a situation when I have had a care giver treat me without compassion and concern. I have however experienced a couple nurses during my delivery stay who I could tell did not want to be working the night shift... they weren't particularly cold to me - just short and not warming.



croleyc69 said...

A great post & I eat healthy but I don't like V8 juice but I know my kids do so that's good. I'm glad you never had a bad Dr & pray you never do. It's not something you would ever want to go thru. {{HUGS}}
P.s. Just wanted to let you know both your blogs look great. I love your buttons.

Holly said...

I've never had V8 juice. Is it any good? I'm glad you haven't encountered any drs like that but nurses can be just as bad!!!