Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Read With Us - Chapter 6

Join us as we continue our reading journey through Lynnette Kraft's In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me.

For starters, I think we can all agree that taking changes is a hard thing for most people to face. Knowing it's a risk before even getting involved can be a scary thing. That feeling is usually deepened with you have major responsiblities at hand, such as feeding and clothing your family. When there isn't a steady income flow, tensions can rise.

I think it is great the the Kraft's had such friends/family to believe in them and were able to invest into Kyle's idea. Again, this being a risk on everyone's part - the load becomes even heavier for Kyle who now has an added responsiblity to these financial supporters. There are just no guarantees.

It is pretty low that there are people out there who are only after the greed of money. They don't care how many people they step on to propel themselves along. This man that took advantage of Kyle knew exactly what he was doing from day one. What this man saw was an easy target (although we won't call Kyle that directly) - in essence that's what he was. A friendly, hopeful soul with a good idea. What a horrible life experience to not only have been tricked and robbed, but to now have to watch his company thrive on in the hands of an evil man. So not only does Kyle has to deal with great moneys lost, but also the weight of bad decisions. That is hard to come back from.

The looming fear of Lynnette's even numbered theory is pretty spooky to say the least. I am pretty sure I would have handled the doctor with the negative attitude much differently. I think my anger of yet again finding out one my children was sick - would be overwhelming enough. But if I did not have compassion from the physicans, I would let them know it. I think telling their family about a third child with a fatal disorder would be too much. Poor Jared, having lived a lifetime of loss in only eight years.

Kyle was asked back to work where he orginially was employeed and was given parttime work with fill time benefits - how amazing. It must have been so joyous to receive such graciousness after being treated so wrongly.

Paul has been discouraged lately because of his current job position. It has proven at this point to have almost no career advancement path that is unsettling to him. But just as of recently, there have been two pending/possible opportunities in the making so we are holding out to see where that goes. I can't say too much at this point, but we are hopeful.

Are there things in your life you imagined different?
Well, I certainly never imagined I would have moved back to Appleton (smaller town) after having lived in Milwaukee (big city) for so long. I was beginning to look at ourselves as big city people, so the move to Appleton for Paul's new job was a sudden change for me.

And - I will just say that during my pregnancy, I thought I was pregnant with a girl. Until that 20 week ultrasound proved me wrong :)



MommyIvy said...

I think that God places us exactly where he wants us/where we are needed.

croleyc69 said...

Great post & I hope that Paul's job works out for you both. I can relate to risk that's what we did when moving here. Also alot of prayer & trust in God. Thanx for sharing & prayers

Holly said...

You definitely picked up all my slack. Thanks!! But then again you always write great posts.
I hope the new opportunites work out!!