Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Please Take A Moment... Help Support Carly

I would like to introduce you to a selfless woman who has spent so much of her time making sad people smile again. Carly at To Write Their Names In Sand writes the names of God's Heavenly Children in the sand of Christian's beach surrounded by a remarkable Western Australian sunset. She has dedicated her time to providing a little piece of heaven for those who wish to see it. Please help support Carly's photograph of "Etched on the Shore of Love". She has entered the photograph in Canon Creative For A Cause Competition. If the photograph wins, a $60,000 donation will be made to SIDS and KIDS, a foundation very dear to Carly and her family.

This amazing generous woman has gone so much for other people, I think we can do alittle something to repay her. Show your gratitude by casting a vote for her photo.

The last day to vote is tomorrow!!

Please visit To Write Their Names In Sand and follow her instructions to vote now!

Or Click Here to vote directly!

Thank you!


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Holly said...

I've voted under 8 different emails. lol