Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving forward... Check! Crawling... Check!

Last night I went to Jax after several minutes of crying, trying to fall asleep... I found him sitting up in his crib... He had figured out how to sit up from his belly. He wasn't falling asleep that way!

This morning Jackson decided that moving forward has its benefits!

This evening Jackson realized he has the ability to move forward, faster!

Yeah!! We are so excited that finally after almost 4 weeks of being on his all fours - Jackson has finally begun to crawl!

Current Mission = BABY PROOFING!



Holly said...

Congratulations Jackson on crawling! Such a big boy!! Now mommmy and daddy can have fun chasing you around!

croleyc69 said...

The fun is just beginning but it is great when they start doing more things. He is so cute. Hugs
Caroline :)

Kate said...

Yea Jackson! Molly would cry all the time when she would sit or stand up and could not get back down!

Mom and Dad said...

Good Job Jax!! We knew you would eventually figure out how to move along. This is where it gets fun...