Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jackson's Almost Crawling....

Two posts in one day - aren't you lucky!

I just wanted to share a few new videos of Jackson because his development in the past few weeks has just blown us away. From 3-6 months, his milestones were more intellectual and mental (or so it seemed). But since 6.5 months to the present, it all seems physical. He has cut his first tooth and we just noticed yesterday that the other bottom tooth is right beneath the surface. If this new arrival serves like the previous one, within the week it should break through. He has master sitting up and has been playing the majority of his time in this position. He started pushing himself up from his tummy and has been tolerating it for much longer. Then, in a matter of what seems like minutes, he started lifting onto his knees. And now he's rocking back and forth on his hands and knees - days away from crawling! His spitting up as decreased dramatically , even though this particular video disproves that statement! Get a load of this video. It's a bit long, but I couldn't stop recording when my son was laughing so hard at his daddy.

Yes, that was our naughty defiant cat lapping up Paul's spaghetti sauce.

This next video below shows more of his hands and knees position - trying to figure out what is supposed to come next :)


Holly said...

What a cutie! They get big so quickly!! Just seems like yesterday Kyndra was this little!

Kate said...

Yea Jackson!