Monday, May 11, 2009

March For Babies / My First Mother's Day / Baby Kayleigh

I want to start off by showing a photo of Jax's "new face". I absolutely adore this new smile with raised eyebrows. He has been expressing a new funny faces constantly now and we get such a kick out of them!

My mom came up Friday night to get a good night's rest for our 6 mile trek on Saturday morning. I think we were both still holding onto a glimmer of hope that weather men would be incorrect with their predictions for Saturday's conditions. After all, aren't they always wrong when it's suppose to be nice out? Anyhow, we weren't totally blindsided by the 40 degree chilly blowing rain at 7am. Good ol' Wisconsin spring weather! Unfortunately, that meant that Jackson had to stay back with Daddy and was unable to accompany us on our walk. I was actually really disappointed by this, because I wanted him to be there. Plus, the shirt I created with the children's name on it was hidden under a series of warmer clothes. Bummer! However, even through the 40 minute wait in the bone chilling wind before the walk began, we never lost sight of what our purpose was that day. Appleton can usually expect 400 participants for this walk every May (1 mile, 3 mile OR 6 mile), but due to the weather - it was more like 100. The walk went great and we really enjoyed talking with my friend Crystal and her step mom. It actually went faster than we had predicted and we finished in 1 hr. 55mins. We kept a good pace and despite the cool temperature, the rain held off to make our walk more pleasurable! We appreciate that token, God - thank you! Mom and I are definitely going to create a team to walk next year and we would LOVE to have more people walk with us!! :)

My mom spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Jax and even stayed later so Paul could treat me to a Mother's Day dinner. We went to a beautiful restaurant called The Seasons here in Appleton. It was alittle taste of Milwaukee and we were both able to relax and enjoy each other's uninterrupted company. We even drove through DQ for a dilly bar afterwards :) Paul surprised me with a beautiful necklace with Jackson's birthstone. I love the color pink (as if no one knew that!) and pink topaz is an alternate birthstone to opal for the month of October. They will coordinate very well with my opal earrings from his parents for Christmas. I am very proud to have something that represents my son.

My parents had given me (from Jax) - an adorable keepsake box with an inlaid photograph tile [shown in photo of the three of us]. I already have many small things that are precious to me that will fill the box. Such a wonderful idea - for my first Mother's Day.

Paul went to the dentist again on Saturday and finally had the permanent bridge installed. It looks great! After a few trail and errors, he is proud to say this mega episode of dental work is complete! A fresh new smile to be proud of!

Update for Kayleigh:
Sweet baby Kayleigh went home to see Jesus on May 11th, 2009. Please pray for peace within her family and know that she feels no more pain. She has touched so many people and her story will continue to lift faces heavenward.
Her parents are being featured on Wednesday's edition of The Doctors. Adam and Aimee Freeman will be discussing their heartbreaking story and the reality of health care / insurance in today's America. Watch the episode review. This was previously recorded before she passed away.


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Jamie said...

I just read yesterday's post for Kayleigh. I'm so upset yet I know she's in Heaven. Prayers are exactly what her family needs now. Thanks for helping me find her story...its help strengthen my faith in God and to remember to cherish each moment with my babies!