Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sun Shine and Summer Time

We have been spending every minute possible of this weekend outside enjoying it! Paul certainly needs a release and outlet from work lately. What better way to unwind then lounging on a lawn chair, eating a brat and drinking a beverage? The Baby Man has been very flexible with us as we haven't been as timely with his naps [as I usually am]. We have been living by no schedule ... Did I just say No Schedule? Wow - what has this weather done to me? The sun comes out, the neighbors pour out of the woodwork and I am living by no schedule? Goodness!

I would like to take a moment had reflect on my son's progression in the last month. My goodness! He has mastered sitting up unsupported. He will play for quite awhile by himself sitting up with his toys. Of course when he realizes that I'm not right next to him - he has a bird! He didn't seem interested in sitting until he hit 6 months, then he picked it up in a snap! Also, he has been sleeping at night without a swaddle and doing great with that! He goes down awake after his last feeding and talks to himself for alittle bit before zonking out. He is rolling all over the house!! We can't keep him still for a minute. When on his belly - he bucks his hinder in the air and gets his knees underneath him, but due to his lack of upper body strength, this causes him to face plant into the carpet :) Jax just needs to work those arms to equal out his leg strength. He has been amazing us lately!
I have been getting some much needed exercise with my neighbor Lynn and her three little girls, 4 year old twins and an 8 week old. We have been pushing stroller up and down the street in our neighborhood once (sometimes twice) a day! Jax is being much more tolerant of his time in the stroller. At first he wasn't cooperating very well with the breeze in his face and not being able to see me [where as in the infant car seat on top of the stroller, he has full view of me].
This weekend will bring more lawn care! Mowing again (as every weekend that follows until October) and fertilizing along with spraying the perimeter of our house to shield away the Box Elder bugs. Gross! They live in our trees in the backyard and if you see one inside your house - it's all over! Might as well pack up your stuff - sign the lease over to the insect community and be on your merry way... Last year - I did some online searching as how to get rid of the swarm around the infested tree. I went outside, with a spray bottle full with dish soap and water and starting dowsing the colony (which from my patio, looked like a red bloody mess on the tree) and watched as the bugs simply fell to the ground and died on the spot. That'll teach 'em!
We are going to attend Pathways Summer Launch Picnic this afternoon. After the church service, the church volunteers has provided the congregation with an afternoon of fun in the sun! There will be Blown Up Bouncy Houses, face painting, kite flying - foods of plenty. We will be bringing some neighbors along, which will be a great way to enjoy the afternoon!
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and takes full advantage of this WI weather!

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amanda said...

he is such a sweetie. dustin is starting to sit up more unsupported. he has no desire to sit. he just reaches and ends up on his tummy right away! oh well. he'll sit when he's good and ready i guess! :0)