Monday, January 5, 2009

Jackson and I really had a good time having Paul home for so long. He has had shorter weeks for the last three week due too his oral procedure and the holidays. Paul is doing much better. He has his stitches out finally and can actually eat normal foods again :) He will have a check up with the dentist in the beginning of Febuary and will have more direction on where to go from here.
As for Jax, he is going wonderful! Such a smiley happy baby. We really don't have any problems with him. His fussiness in the evenings has calmed down a little more. Still loves his bathtime and that really helps to sooth him for bedtime. When we read to him, I am amazed at how he really looks at each page of books. Other times he could care less :) He is beginning to fill out his 3 mos. clothing pretty well. I have to order him another swaddle blanket... a size large! My little guy is upwards of 12 - 13 lbs. now.
I am trying to help Jackson establish his morning nap around 9-10am. His nighttime sleep has been shifted a bit (don't know why), but he has a pretty early bedtime set at 7:30-8pm. It is nice to get some time in to ourselves in the evenings... where I still have alittle energy left to tie up loose ends from the day. If Jax stays at a 7:30pm bed time, I need to change my bedtime to about 9:30pm, else I don't get much sleep before he's up again at 2-3am for a feeding.
Paul has been great over this break, he has gotten up to feed Jackson quite a few nights so that my night time activities are cut in half (still have to get up to pump a bottle for the following night).
We have plans the last two weekends of January to stay back home. We have a friend's birthday party to attend, Nathan's baptism and our friend's wedding reception the following weekend. We are very excited to see everyone again. It's been SO long and we are dying for some adult interaction. Our parents will be dying for some baby interaction!
Hope everyone stays safe over this icy week! here comes January!!

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Crystal said...

wow he looks just like his mommy!!