Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4 Weeks Old

Jackson has been wonderful! For the most part, he seems to be in a pretty decent daytime/ nighttime sleep schedule. More often than not, he will sleep a good 3 hours between the nightime feedings. Paul has been fantastic! He usually takes the late night feeding and gives Jax a bottle so that I can sleep straight through from the 7pm feeding. Can you believe that? A 7pm bedtime for me?!? :) Once Jackson wakes up after 6am, he's usually up for the morning. After feeding him then, he stays real content in his bouncey seat or under his play gym for a good amount of time.

He has been developing his neck strength really well. He is making more and more eye contact with us and definitely turns his head to my voice. Last night, Paul was holding him and I was smiling and talking to Jackson... we got a full blown smile out of him!! First smile in response to our facial expressions!

I was hoping to be able to get out to a few stores this week. I need to do some grocery shopping because we are hosting Thanksgiving for both of our families this year!! Too bad it's just too darn cold out there to take Jax out, 25 degrees now. Burr!! Far cry from the beginning of the month!

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving this year, stay warm!
Jackson feel asleep yesterday with one arm straight up in the air :)

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