Monday, February 14, 2011

Smiles of Children

Jackson loves Mommy's camera

In fact, Mommy's camera is often included in Jackson's bedtime prayers...

 He shows off every chance he gets, if I can keep him at arm's length so his sticky little boy fingers don't touch my lens.

Jaelyn also likes Mommy's camera. It only takes Mommy about 20 snapshots to get 1 that's in focus and of her smiling.
 Mommy has no time for editing her photos, but who needs to edit when you get a shot like this?

 Sometimes, soliciting a smile... backfires!

 And other times... you just take what you can get :)

 Ms. Blue Eyes & Mr. Brown Eyes

The new blog will be coming soon. It's a tad slow going because my friend and I are so busy with life :) But a button will be available soon and you will be able to visit the blog before our Big Giveaway starts!

 Stay Tuned...



Jenilee said...

my girls all have different colored eyes. so interesting! your babies are beautiful!

Transparent Mama said...

Love the blue and brown eyes. I have three with green and one with brown. What a fun idea to start a blog with a friend. Looking forward to seeing it. xo- Brigetta

Holly said...

Loved seeing pics of Jackson and Jaelyn!! They're both growing so much!! Glad to see a post from you! :)

amanda said...

they're so adorable!!! it's amazing to me how big our boys our getting so fast!! jaelyn is a doll too!! :)