Monday, October 18, 2010

Some small updates

I will say that over two weeks is definitely the longest I have gone without blogging. I just can't find the time or energy these days! Having two kids, one a toddler, really changes up your normal daily flow. Because Jackson is quite demanding of my time during the day (that's a whole post in itself and I don't have the mental endurance to blog about that now) - I have little time to sit and hold Jaelyn. I am not the kind of mother who will wear her baby around the house all day. I don't do chores while holding Jaelyn or cook or do the dishes. It hurts my back too much. So the only times I really have to cuddle with her for longer periods of time are during Jax's naptime and after he's in bed. I am not fond of the fact that she can't get as much attention as I could give him when he was an infant. Such is life!

I just wanted to drop in and say that things are going well. Jaelyn is wonderful. SHe is such a sweetheart and a VERY well natured baby. Unfortunately she has adopted her brother's sensitive skin and has some pretty nasty baby acne right now. His was severe and I really hope that hers doesn't get that bad. SO far she hasn't lost her hair yet and I also hope that wasn't plaque her. For about 2 weeks now she has been sleeping a good long 5-7 hour sleep stretch at night, then another 3-4 hour stretch after nursing. She will be 5 weeks on Tuesday. I am pretty lucky!

I have been thinking ahead to christmas already for what kind of gifts/handmade items I need to get working on. Handmaking most of the gifts is quite time consuming, but when the budget is so tight it squeaks... what other choice do I have? We just came off the crazy busy birthday season. From Sept. 7 - Oct. 22nd we have 7 little kid birthdays. It's a hectic time of year for us. I had made about 4 different toddler sized purses that I just LOVED, but of course it didn't occur to me to take a photo of one before I gave them away. I did make Jax a pair of monkey fleece pj pants. Those turned out pretty well, I show you those soon. I have found several patterns for the Christmas gifts and will be starting those soon :)


We are just amazed at how much our two kids look alike as infants!
Just look at jaelyn above and jackson below...





Till I can find another hour to devote some uninterrupted blogging time...
Bye for now



Crystal said...

Hey you, great pics! Wow do the kiddos look alike - so cute! If you'd like, I can take a picture of Madelyn's purse for you? Keep up the good work lil mama. Love you.

Leslee said...

Oh my goodness! Your children do resemble one another SO much :-) Seems reasonable since they had the same ingredients HA!!

Looks like Jackson is taking well to his baby sister ~

Enjoyed the update!!

Holly said...

They def look alike and are related. :) The nurse at the hospital told us that you could def tell Lainey was a member of our family. lol

If I was any better at handmaking stuff that's what I would totally do for gifts. A lot cheaper!!!

Great to hear from you and I sooo relate at it being harder to get things done with a little one and a toddler. I'm lucky in the fact that Kyndra is really good at playing by herself (which allows me to get things done around the house and on the computer). Oh, and she loves cartoons. Of course, I did too as a little kid so I think she gets that from me. She's on a dinosaur kick lately wanting to watch shows with dinosaurs. Her new show she likes is Dinosaur Train on PBS.

Kate said...

So good to hear from you! How is nursing going? Hopefully better :) I am about to find out what life with 2 little ones is all about!!

Allison said...

I'll take a picture of the purse for you! :) Loved seeing you and getting some of my own cuddle time. Thank you!