Friday, February 5, 2010

"I'm An All American Boy!"

New cameras are awesome!

"I love to fill my piggy bank with lots of coins!"

"Grandma showed me how to shake the piggy so that I hear all the money rattling"

"Maybe if I stay here real still, she won't notice that I'm pushing the computer power button"

"I can wear these jeans better than Mommy wears hers!"

"I can't get enough of my new school bus! Thanks Grandma!"

"I hate it when Mommy holds me against my will, Just for a photo!!"

"I now have 7 teeth! SEE?!?"

"Momma says my piano skills are really beginning to improve! See how hard I focus?"


"Enough photos now, Momma!"



Kelly said...

He is a doll!! Love all the pics. Don't you just love your camera? We got the same one a few months ago. It's so fun!!

amanda said...

first off, how cool that your mom came to help out!! i love that!

and LOVE the pictures. he's so handsome. :0) dustin loved monkey joe's when we were there, so i'm sure he would too!!

Mom and Dad said...

Such cute photos. He is so darn cute even when he is whining!!

Jenilee said...

He is so cute and looks adorable in those jeans!! Love his big smile :)

Holly said...

Hey April, do you like your new camera? :) It takes great photos!! Of course you don't need a good camera to get some good photos of your lil cutie!

croleyc69 said...

He is so cute and wow he is growing. The pics are so good. Loving that smile !!!!

amanda said...

just wanted to say thanks for saying hi the other day! it was so cool to actually meet you in person!! and totally caught me off guard to be recognized from my blog! lol. :0)