Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Sledding Adventure

Before Christmas, our family life group through church arranged to go sledding after singing a few poorly rehearsed beautifully sung Christmas carols at a senior home. Paul and I were so excited to take Jackson sledding for the very first time. However, it didn't go as we had hoped. Jax wasn't too thrilled with our over the top enthusiasm. It was pretty cold - I will give him that! But the hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookie waiting for us at the end hadn't sweeten the deal for him either.

So after three hill attempts and much fussing and protest - we headed back in doors. Though we didn't get the playful memorable experience we had expected, we did get one adorably rosy cheeked little man who spiked a fever and a nasty cold the following day.

Side note: My initial intentions for this post was to upload a video I took of Paul and Jax on the sled, that I took with Paul's iphone... but you know Apple and their ridiculously monopolized, 3 year old hoarding manner of a company.... youtube will not upload Apple files (.MOV). Defeated... all I have to share is this photo.



Ms. Sarah said...

so cute have you tried some of the others like one ture media or viemo (think its the spelling) they might be able to help you

croleyc69 said...

Sorry to hear he had a fever and a nasty cold the next day. The picture still is cute. Maybe next year will be better.

Kate said...

Aww...poor baby! Molly used to hate the snow and cold, now she loves it. Our snow has been to hard and icy to sled safely with a 2 year old. But Eric is determined to get out there with her soon!

Linda said...

Good Morning April,

Your little Jackson is so cute. I am sorry that the sledding didn't turn out as you had planned...and also sorry to hear that he got sick the next day. Poor little guy...that is no doubt why he wasn't enjoying the outing.

I am sure he will like those kinds of things with his daddy soon.

God Bless your sweet little family!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Holly said...

Aw, look at his rosy face! Sorry he didn't seem to enjoy it! I bet if it was warmer out he would've liked it more.

Paige said...

Awww- sounds like so much fun, maybe he will appreciate it more when he is older!! 2 things: first of all i am still praying for your mom. secondly, callyn wore her flower clippy with a headband today when we went shopping and everyone just ooood and ahhhhd. Can I order some flower clippies without the hats? how much?? Although I may like to order another hat too--check my blog today for a pic!