Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Discouraged with Sleep Changes

My perfect little sleeper from 8 weeks old has now begun to throw us a curve ball. A little boy who used to reach for his blanket and crib, lay down nicely after giving us a kiss goodnight, bury his face in the blanket without a peep and fell asleep - has now started to cry upon being laid down for bed. He will stand to cry in the dark for a while before tossing his blanket outside the crib in protest. The nightly routine lately? Going in after 15 mins to retrieve his disgarded blanket because we know he won't settle down until he has it again. Then after we hand it back, lay him down once again - tell him "it's time to go night night".... he will fuss only a short while more... bury his face in his blanket and finally go to sleep. We do hear him throughout the night, light burst of cries which I really believe he is still in a sleep state... not actually awake.

Anyone else have this experience after more than a year of good bedtimes?



Jamie said...

Jackson & Jordan are identical!! Jordan has been sleeping perfectly for such a long time. He does the exact same thing he throws his blanket out and can't sleep without it. We found out he had an ear infection and now he seems a lot better. He'll sometimes act up still but its only for a few minutes. So crazy he buries his face too when he's going to bed.

Kate said...

Yep! It got worse after Molly turned 2, then it got better. Sorry, that probably doesn't give you hope. I just tried to not deviate too much from our schedule at night. Although there are times you do whatever it takes to get them to sleep!!

Allison said...

Well, Nate just sucks at sleeping, so I have no advice for you. Sorry. Just keep being consistent and I bet it will pass.

croleyc69 said...

My Ridge and Jennifer were good and never gave me to much trouble. My Marie she was something else. She would throw her blanket and scream. Some nights I had to lay her on our bed and lay there with her until she fell asleep then put her in bed. It was so difficult.
Now so far with Carly she is pretty much like Ridge has been sleeping all nite since 6 wks and she won't take a nap during the day so she goes to bed by 7pm. I'm hoping it won't change but I'm sure it prolly will. Praying for you and wishing you luck. Sorry I prolly didn't help much.

Holly said...

Kyndra was an awesome sleeper and then she went through a stretch where it was horrible! She would cry when we put her down and it was horrible to hear those cries! Eventually it got better. We just stuck with our routine. Now she goes down just fine. Of course, there were those times that I would get up and get her out of her bed and either put her with me or with Anthony. Some nights I just couldn't handle hearing her cry.