Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read With Us - Chapter 11

Join Us as we continue reading In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me, By: Lynnette Kraft

Lynnette spoke alot about the lessons her family learned over the holiday season, the winter seasons the year that Anna was born. It was crucial for Anna's health that she was not exposed to many illnesses and so the family was faced to stay isolated in the high flu season.

They learned about their own true faith of God. When the mask of the Church Goers title is removed, what was left? If you weren't attending church, were people making comments regarding your absence? Do you think that you can grow in faith without going to church? I do believe I can grow in faith without the regular attendance to church, however I also believe that surrounding yourself by other christians is so important. Personally, I can read a verse from a Bible on my own and take away what I can from it, however when my Pastor reads it and explains it better... I understand a whole lot more. That being said, The relationship you hold with Christ is still between YOU and HIM. I am very thankful for the podcasts that our church offers on their website so I never actually MISS a sermon.

I also have a bit of an obstacle in regards that my husband isn't exactly open about his faith. Whereas Lynnette had a great worship warrior, Kyle - I do not have that strong outward force working with me. Paul is very private about his relationship with God, he didn't grow up praying out loud or sharing what he feels God is doing in his life. I also didn't grow up this way, but that is what I am trying to change for my family. I want my children to feel open to speak about their faith. So, I don't necessarily get the offered support that I receive from the followers at church.



croleyc69 said...

What a great post & my Paul is quiet about his feelings with God and prayer. I think he is because he lost both parents within a yr of each other & he was only 12 when that happened. Thanx for the nice comment on my blog. I'm also glad your church offers there website so you never miss a sermon.

Holly said...

Anth is the same way. We really don't talk about faith very much and perhaps it is the way we were both raised. We didn't talk about it very openly in my house growing up. I would love for it to be more of an open subject as our kids grow. We have some family habits I def want to get changed!!