Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3D Ultrasound

This ultrasound photo is in 3D. The baby looks a little... incomplete because this version can show gaps in the film. You can see where the umbilical cord attaches to the baby's belly. If you can't tell, the baby is upright with it's arms curled up to its chin.

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chelsyrose said...

that is the craziest picture! how cool for you guys. it's amazing what a child can bring to a family. then before you know it, you want another one. congrats to you guys and your beautiful house. you're on your way. hope you're feeling well April, and Paul- no matter what, be agreeable, we're very fragile during these times (ha ha ha)love you guys, p.s. belly laughs was the best book ever. by far my favorite! -cousin chelsy