Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our First Reaction

Paul and I first found out we were pregnant on Feb. 17th. At least, that was if our eyes weren't deceiving us. Because the second pink line had the faintest, lightest, thinnest existence, I thought our imagination was willing the line to be there. But subsequent pregnancy tests elevated our doubts. Now, low and behold... we are pregnant!

At this current stage, I believe I am 6 weeks and 6 days along. That puts my due date at October 30th. I have my first prenatal appointment on March 26th. That will be during 8th week. I have an ultrasound set for that appointment as well. We will find out just how old our little hidden treasure really is. (Won't be hidden for too long :) ).


mdpuerling said...

April, and Paul
We can't believe that our little
April Lynns is going to have a baby! This site will be so neat to keep up on the progress of Mom and baby...
Love Mom/Dad

Brian and Emily said...

We are so excited for you two and thrilled to become and Aunt and Uncle soon! Thanks for making a site to keep us updated- love you!
-Emily and Brian

Sue and Chuck said...

April and Paul,

We are so happy for you!!!! April, I remember you when you were just a little girl and now you're going to have a baby!!! Congratulations!!!


Sue and Chuck


Remember when we were "mom's" for Halloween??? Now, you are one! OHHH Memories!